Podcasts as Business Education

Podcasts as Business Education


Are you listening to Podcasts? If you are a marketer you should really consider it. Podcast listening increased 25% last year in the United States.  I’ve been listening to Podcasts on a wide variety of topics for years and can personally attest to the benefits, particularly for content marketing work. I listen to several social media Podcasts including Michael Stelzner’s  Social Media Marketing Podcast and Social Pros with Jay Baer, Jeff Rohrs and Nick Cicero. But I also find many of the general business Podcasts extremely useful for my work at Experian, where I write about small business credit trends.

The great thing about Podcasts is you can listen, usually for free, try it out, see if you like it and then subscribe, or simply drop it from your list. Subscriptions are invariably free. After you subscribe, you get a new episode automatically each time they are available. It’s like when the paper boy tossed the news on your lawn only hundreds of times better. You get to absorb the content by simply listening while you perform other tasks like exercising, cooking, driving or even shopping. Podcasts can be a wellspring of ideas for content marketing too. I’ve listened to the Ideacast, a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review and been inspired to do further research on a topic and create a blog post or other piece of content related to my field of work.

Of course, life’s not all about business. There are other non-business Podcasts mixed in there too which can get your creative juices marinating. One such example is the great spin off Podcast by This American Life‘s Sarah Koenig called “Serial“, which tells a single story, one chapter at a time each week, and the great “Startup” from Gimlet Media which follows the progress of former Planet Money host Alex Bloomberg as he sets out to create his own business which specializes in, you guessed it.. Podcasting.  Podcast listening can become addicting. The key is to keep looking for new content so you have a wide variety in your listening device of choice and keep your hopper full.

In a recent blog on Convince and Convert, they came up with 23 Reasons Why Business People Love Podcasts and supported the post with this great Infographic check it out below. The people behind the Infographic recently launched a new website called MarketingPodcasts.com for the specific purpose of aggregating top marketing Podcasts, so be sure to check it out for new Podcasts to add to your player.  I’d highly recommend starting off with Social Pros and the Social Media Marketing podcast, particularly if you are a marketer trying to get the most out of your channels.

Also, I’m very curious if you have any recommendations on good “business” Podcasts, share them in the comments.


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