Is Content Marketing Dead?

Michael Stelzner and Mark Schaefer participated in a panel discussion with Mitch Joel during Social Media Marketing World focused on the question “Is Content Marketing Dead?” Here are my key takeaways from the content marketing strategy discussion.

So i just sat through a powerhouse session with Mitch Joel, Michael Stelzner and Mark Schaefer “Is Content Marketing Dead?” I think they answered that question decisively.

Key Takeaways:

  1. It’s about really driving content for the “right” audience. Audiences (engagement) is dwindling, yes, but the key take away for me is the audience is shrinking to become the right audience.
  2. Focus on your strengths,  if you’re not good at Snapchat, keep blogging.  Keep building that audience for your blog.  Keep building great content and your audience will find you.
  3. To drive traffic do some re-marketing.  It is paying big dividends for Social Media Examiner.

On the flip side of that last one, Mark Schaefer doesn’t spend a dime on advertising and why should he, he’s got fantastic content, building up his audience over time on the Grow Business Blog. It also took him five years to make the decision to progress on to doing a podcast.  So, expand out yes to reach other audiences, but only after you have honed your core audience.

Michael Stelzner touched upon the fascination marketers have with bright shiny objects at the expense of what works. Schaefer is doubling down on content, his growth is all being fueled by content.