Mocking NSA PRISM Slide Deck Creates Professional Branding Opportunity

At Content Gardener we love watching savvy marketers do some effective newsjacking to build business opportunities for themselves. This week we saw a spectacular example out of Paris, France appearing on Slideshare. What is … [Continue reading]

Del Taco Old School Marketing Automation

I saw this the other morning on the way to work and thought it was pretty funny.   They are springing up everywhere, even the bar down the street from my house has one outside with a sign which reads "Attractive Drunk People Inside". … [Continue reading]

Patreon Empowers a New Generation of Content Creators

I got an email via YouTube this morning informing me that Howard Pinsky of Iceflow Studios had uploaded a new video. Howard makes really cool YouTube videos about Photoshop. He's an expert at it and so I subscribe to his feed. In his latest video he … [Continue reading]

Seth Godin Passes 5,000 Blog Posts

  Every morning I receive a note in my in-box containing a new blog post from Seth Godin, and yesterday, June 5th, Seth passed a major milestone with his 5,000th blog post. It's quite a historic accomplishment when you think about it. 5,000 … [Continue reading]

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner

When I saw that Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner had followed me back on Twitter last night, I sent him a quick DM telling him that his wonderful Social Media Marketing Podcasts had inspired me to start up my own content marketing project - … [Continue reading]