Social Tactics: Peoplelinx Social Selling Mobile App


In this post I am kicking off a series of social selling videos.  In these videos. In our first episode I thought I would share about a new app I discovered for social selling, and it is from PeopleLinx.

If you are unfamiliar, Peoplelinx is a content amplification platform designed for organizations with large sales teams. You can use it to curate a repository of pre-approved articles and add various 3rd party content from RSS feeds, or simply ad links on the fly to useful articles related to your industry. Those articles then show up in an Article library for your team to share. You can even prioritize important articles and send notifications to your team. The benefit of using applications like this is it enables sales teams to share content, build stronger social profiles, make new connections and eventually grow a pipeline of business. Until now, Peoplelinx has been primarily a desktop application so when I discovered they released a mobile app I was quite excited.

All around it is a very solid app.The ability to share approved content has never been so easy. The interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use with it’s uncluttered layout.

I think it could benefit from improvements to the search tool, enabling users to do more advanced searches. Also the ability to share to Facebook directly from within the app would be beneficial. Facebook understandably is mostly a consumer social network, but I am seeing more social sellers gravitate there as more of their connections become more comfortable connecting with business contacts. The ability to add my own URL on the fly would be another thing to consider. We have been encouraging our reps to share more of their own content, and the mobile app would seem like a good input to help in the curation effort. Lastly, I hope they are developing an Android version. Not everybody prefers iPhone so giving Peoplelinx users that choice would help greatly.

So, what are you waiting for, if you are a Peoplelinx subscriber, go to the app store and download the app to get started, or go to for more info.

Do leave me a comment if you have feedback or have a social selling tactic of your own you would like me to talk about in a future episode. Hit me up on LinkedIn or twitter, or follow my updates by subscribing to my blog. Thank you and I look forward to sharing more with you in another episode of Social Tactics.