Is Content Marketing Dead?

Mitch Joel, Michael Stelzner, Mark Schaefer

Michael Stelzner and Mark Schaefer participated in a panel discussion with Mitch Joel during Social Media Marketing World focused on the question “Is Content Marketing Dead?” Here are my key takeaways from the discussion.

So i just sat through a powerhouse session with Mitch Joel, Michael Stelzner and Mark Schaefer “Is Content Marketing Dead?” I think they answered that question decisively.

Key Takeaways:

  1. It’s about really driving content for the “right” audience. Audiences (engagement) is dwindling, yes, but the key take away for me is the audience is shrinking to become the right audience.
  2. Focus on your strengths,  if you’re not good at Snapchat, keep blogging.  Keep building that audience for your blog.  Keep building great content and your audience will find you.
  3. To drive traffic do some re-marketing.  It is paying big dividends for Social Media Examiner.

On the flip side of that last one, Mark Schaefer doesn’t spend a dime on advertising and why should he, he’s got fantastic content, building up his audience over time on the Grow Business Blog. It also took him five years to make the decision to progress on to doing a podcast.  So, expand out yes to reach other audiences, but only after you have honed your core audience.

Michael Stelzner touched upon the fascination marketers have with bright shiny objects at the expense of what works. Schaefer is doubling down on content, his growth is all being fueled by content.


Traditional Media Recruiting from Social Media to Boost Ratings #SMMW16

Michael Stelzner, Founder, Social Media Examiner

Here is a quick recap of the keynote address on the state of social media marketing delivered by Michael Stelzner on the first day of Social Media Marketing World.

First up – traditional media is recruiting from the world of social media. Michael talked about a case study for the CBS Television show The Amazing Race, which has seen declining ratings for the past five years, and has now reached out to the world of social media recruiting all cast members from the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to making up a social media cast with a combined reach of over 33 million. They had actually broadcast segments of the show live on Facebook for the first time. Facebook is also giving priority to Facebook life video in the feed. So we are seeing lots of change there in terms of reaching out to social media to boost traditional media.

Michael also talked about his first experience with Facebook live, and within two minutes had over 400 people watching him. Facebook live is a major factor now in social. Brian Fanzo (@iSocialFanz) later provided an excellent discussion about how he is leveraging live video, how to get the most out of live video.

There is a fully produced show called The Daily Burn. It has got multiple cameras, and they are going in big with TV-like production quality and they are doing this on Facebook live.

Facebook is still huge with marketers, 67 percent of marketers will increase the Facebook marketing in 2016 up from 62 percent a year ago. 55 percent feel that Facebook is the most relevant social platform, and that’s up from 51 percent last year, so Facebook is continuing to power along. Pay-toPlay is officially here and people are investing in Facebook advertising. Facebook said they have grown the number of advertisers by 50 percent.

Michael talked a little bit about Snapchat, and this is a major competitor to Facebook that receives over 8 billion views of videos per month. This is a competitive threat to Facebook. He talked about a case study with a Snapchat personality from Australia named Chocolate Johnny and how he was able to develop an audience very quickly using the platform by sharing personal stories about his recipes and his chocolate business in Australia.

And how to connect with people in amazing ways – networking is big at the conference, we have a number of workshops on networking and connecting with others, and how to get the most out of the conference. It’s very well run, I was very impressed with the way the conference was managed by the organizers.

I met a young woman named Rania from Egypt. She is here visiting Social Media Marketing World for the first time. She earned her PhD in England in online marketing and is studying social media very closely now. She said that Facebook and Twitter were the two dominant platforms. She had not heard of Blab which I found quite surprising. I’m not sure if Blab is available yet in Egypt.

So those are my initial takeaways from Day 1.

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