Money Saving Tips from Game of Thrones Characters



Game of Thrones is a great show eh?  They film much of it in Northern Ireland at Titanic Studios, which is a large green screen facility about 1/4 mile away from where the Titanic was built, hence the name Titanic Studios.  The Belfast docklands have one of the largest economic regeneration efforts in Europe going on at the moment. It’s nice to know that film and television are a big part of that story.

I ran across this really cool Infographic on Debt Roundup just now. The blog post author for Debt Roundup is Grayson Bell, a personal finance writer. He compiled an excellent set of money saving tips and the folks over at Gryffin brought the ideas to life in an impressive Infographic layout. Grayson once ran up over $50,000 worth of credit card debt and had to learn how to break it back down. He now teaches others how to get their finances under control.

Game of Thrones Money Tips from Debt Roundup

There are quite a few money saving categories on the diagram that jump out at me. Smoking cigarettes for example. I can’t believe I once smoked but it’s true. I quit in 1997 though – to this day by far one of the hardest things I ever did. So, let’s count up how much money I have saved just by making that one money saving decision. Since February 1997, calculating roughly a pack a day at $5, I have personally saved $31,875, a number that truly shocks me considering the other things I still spend pocket money on.

Since quitting smoking I have saved $31,875, a number that truly shocks me

– Gary Stockton

I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, it’s my guilty pleasure, I normally order a Venti coffee on the way to work from Starbucks. If I multiply $2.35 for every work day in the year I come up with roughly $600 per year. I bought an electric vehicle a few years ago and have saved a lot of money on gas, and my employer is kind enough to offer free EV charging at the office, so no worries on the transportation front. I’m afraid to calculate dining out at restaurants, so I think instead I’ll simply close this post with a recommendation to go over to Debt Roundup for more excellent money saving tips.

Tweets With Pictures are 94% More Likely To Be Re-Tweeted


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but according to Hubspot’s Social Media Scientist Dan Zarella (@danzarrella),  recent research reveals that tweets which have an accompanying picture jump a whopping 94% in likelihood the tweet will be re-tweeted.  Naturally it depends on how compelling your content is, and perhaps there are some situations where the likelihood might be greater (Bieber, Grumpy Cat, Ellen selfie) but you get the idea.

The way Twitter works now is, if you upload a photo directly to, or via your twitter dashboard app such as Hootsuite, the image will now appear more often in the tweet stream.  So imagine this long page of textual information interrupted with your compelling image, people will notice it and this is a huge opportunity for savvy inbound marketers. Visual content is much more engaging when done well.  But there’s another newsflash for content marketers.  Instagram pictures used to work the same way on Twitter, but then Facebook bought Instagram and well, you know how that goes.   What’s interesting is, tweets with Instagram URL’s  are 42% less likely to be re-tweeted compared to tweets which have had the picture uploaded to

Tweets Including Instagram Links are

Source: #SciChat

The chances of a re-tweet decrease dramatically perhaps due to trust issues and credibility issues. Zarella said “If I don’t know you super well and I see an Instagram link, I’m going to assume to some degree it isn’t going to be real interesting, unless you have a really great caption.”   The assumption here is that people who are sharing from Instagram are packing a lot of non-relevant hash tags into their posts.  Another interesting stat is Facebook images which are uploaded to FBcdn (the Facebook content delivery network),  tweets which include a Facebook image link, it is not going to pop up in the stream, these tweets are 47% less likely to be re-tweeted. The other thing to consider when relying on FBcdn for image tweets are the privacy settings. Because Facebook is mostly a closed private community, unless it is a public post, there is a strong likelihood that people will not be able to see the image.

Key Take-away

  1. Definitely use visual media in your posts to increase engagement.
  2. If you would like your picture tweets to show in the stream, post to
  3. For more great insights on Social Media check out Dan Zarella’s SciChat Group on Facebook


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